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Main dishes

Tarte flambée

Classic - Alsatian
with bacon and onion
EUR 8,10

with tomato, basil pesto and cheese
EUR 7,60

with tomato, mushrooms, onion, salami and cheese
EUR 11,90

Hessian cuisine

Boiled beef on Horseradish Sauce with Bouillon potatoes
EUR 14,80

Wetzlarer Edelsäcker
Pork steak stuffed with sauerkraut, bacon sauce and mashed potatoes
EUR 13,60

Heaven and Earth
Fried black pudding with apples and onion and mashed potatoes
EUR 11,90

Frankfurter Rippchen
Boiled smoked ribs with sauerkraut and potatoes
EUR 12,90

Culinary special: Handkäs with music
EUR 6,90

From the pan

Kalbsleber nach "Berliner Art"
Veal liver "Berlin style" with apples and onions, mashed potatoes
EUR 15,90

Rumpsteak with herbal butter, baked potato filled with sour cream with herbes
EUR 18,90

Medaillons vom Schwein
Medaillions of pork with gorgonzola cheese sauce on nudles and salad
EUR 16,80

Rinderroulade "Hausfrauen Art"
Braised beef roulade "Houswives style", mashed potato and salad
EUR 15,90

Master chief escalope with mushrooms in cream, French fries and salad
EUR 12,70

Crispy duck
brest and leg with red cubbage and dumpling
EUR 16,90

Hausgemachtes Kartoffelrösti
Potato pancake with smoked salmon and herb sour cream
EUR 14,80

India in Wetzlar

Morg Acar (Chicken Acar)
Chicken brest, indian spices, coriander and ginger, vegetables and basmati rice
EUR 17,80

Chicken Handi (Chicken Chilli)
Chicken brest, indian spices, coriander, garlic and ginger in yoghurt sauce, basmati rice, cucumber and tomato salad
EUR 18,90

Gemüsebaryani (vegan)
Basmati rice with vegetables and leeks, coconut milk and peppermint sauce
EUR 16,20

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